Clairview School receives $5,600 donation from Latrobe Harley Owners Group (HOG)

Clairview School middle school student Gavin Smith and teacher Mrs. Luann Murtha accepted a check Wednesday, January 11, 2023, for $5,600 from the Latrobe Harley Owners Group (HOG).  This donation has been given for over 20 years and will be used for the snacks in the student cafe to reward positive behavior when the kids earn WOLF bucks for (working hard, obeying the rules, listening, and finding fun in learning).  Westmoreland Children’s Bureau and the Westmoreland Special Olympics were present to accept their donations first, then Mrs. Luann Murtha received Clairview School’s check.

Luann Murtha gave a speech in gratitude with student Gavin Smith by her side: “This is the best night of the year for Clairview to be here. This is why we do what we do at Clairview School,” referencing Gavin, “This is Gavin he is in one of our middle school classrooms.  Your donation helps us keep the Clairview cafe/lounge stocked with snacks, which we call the Wolf Den Cafe.  Our students do not bring cash. The money you give us through this extremely generous donation helps to make our students feel like they are a part of a regular community.  WOLF bucks are a part of the positive behavior system we use.  WOLF stands for: work hard, obey the rules, listen, and find fun in learning! Staff members earn wolf bucks by seeing students do those things, and then they can get morning snacks, drinks, etc.  Last year we got a glass front refrigerator and a smoothie machine. We have a daily snack cart.” Gavin stated that he loves kit kats and hot dogs.

Mrs. Murtha continued, “Not only do we want to thank you from Clairview for the generous donation.  But there are a lot of familiar faces in this room.  We have built a wonderful partnership with the Latrobe HOG to come to our school and support what we do.  Two summers ago, you came to our school in a big rally.  This past September, you came, and our students could sit on the bikes and blow the horn. It is the best day if you would be where we are and see the excitement on the kids’ faces as they hear you come down the road.  It is the best feeling in the world.  Thank you for this donation, and thank you for this excellent partnership and the caring we feel from all of you to help support our school!

The Westmoreland Intermediate Unit operates Clairview School, which services the 17 school districts in the county and some school districts outside the county. The population of these students has special needs. Clairview School provides educational and therapeutic services for students ages 5-21.