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Students, Therapists, Educators, and Parents United in Prevention (STEP UP) is a partnership between the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit (WIU7) and Westmoreland County Behavioral Health.
STEP UP Westmoreland is built upon the foundation that mental wellness is essential for the safety and success of all students.
As advocates for children and youth, we believe:
  • the mental well-being of our students is an essential foundation in the process of providing safe and secure schools that foster learning and academic success for all students.
  • our county has a wealth of support and services available to address the mental well-being of our students.  It is essential that we connect and deliver these services in a timely and effective manner.
  • through innovative practice, we can improve the way services are orchestrated to better serve our students.  It is possible to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness through the development of tools that can be implemented across multiple disciplines and grade levels.  Through these actions, we are providing effective prevention and increasing the likelihood that individuals will recognize the need for treatment and seek help at an earlier onset of an issue or concern.
  • many of our schools are doing valuable work in the realm of mental health and it is essential that we provide a way to share best practices.  This collaborative approach will help to build consistency across the county resulting in improved service to students and families.
STEP UP offers resources and services for students, parents, therapists, and teachers.  For information, visit email [email protected]  or call 724-836-2460.