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Nurse's Station

Children must stay home with the following conditions:

Chicken Pox

Until crusts are dry and there is no fever, approximately 1 week.

Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

24 Hours after starting appropriate therapy/prescription and no drainage present.


24 hours after the last episode


24 Hours after treatment.


After appropriate treatment and no live louse are present.

Temperature > 100.0

Must be fever free for 24 hours without medication to reduce the fever.


24 Hours after treatment and must be covered (clothes or Band-aid).


After appropriate treatment.

Streptococcal Infection

24 Hours after starting appropriate antibiotic therapy.


24 hours after the last episode


We ask that medications be taken before or after school when possible. All medications, both prescribed and over the counter, will be administered by the school nurse with written orders from a Licensed Prescriber and written permission from the parent/guardian. No medications may be kept in the student's possession or be self-administered unless ordered by the Licensed Prescriber.


Students who arrive to school late or following a two-hour delay must have their morning medication/treatment/feeding before coming to school.  Medications/Feedings can only be administered at the time ordered by the Prescriber.


Prescription Medications must be in the original container labeled by the pharmacist and the label must match the prescribing information. Parents will provide the nurse with a minimum of one week’s supply of medication in the original container but not more than a 30-day supply.


Over-the-counter medications: parents will provide the medications in a child-resistant container. The medication will be labeled with the child’s first and last names and specific legible instructions for administration and storage.

All students shall be immunized against specific diseases in accordance with state law and regulations, unless specifically exempt for religious or medical reasons. A certificate of immunization shall be maintained by the district of residence as part of the health record for each student, as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. A copy of the health record shall be submitted to the Intermediate Unit upon a student’s enrollment in an Intermediate Unit program.


A student shall be exempt from immunization requirements whose parent/guardian objects in writing to such immunization on religious grounds or whose physician certifies the student's physical condition contraindicates immunization. A student who has not been immunized in accordance with state regulations shall not be admitted to or permitted to attend Intermediate Unit programs, unless exempted for medical or religious reasons, or provisionally admitted by the Executive Director, in consultation with the district of residence, after beginning a multiple-dose vaccine series and submitting proof of immunization or a medical certificate on or before the fifth school day of attendance.


Homeless students who have not been immunized or are unable to provide immunization records due to being homeless shall be admitted in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws and regulations.


Foster care students and students transferring into a school within the Commonwealth shall be admitted in accordance with law and regulations and shall have thirty (30) days to provide proof of immunization, a medical certificate detailing the plan to complete a multiple-dose vaccine series or to satisfy the requirements for an exemption.


All health records will be confidential, and their contents shall be divulged only, when necessary, for the health of the student or to a physician at the written request of the parent/guardian.