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Autistic Support

Students with autism may have unique needs with learning, social skills, and communication.  Students in these classes participate in both large and small group, and individualized instruction.  Independence is encouraged for all students.  Technology is integrated into lessons to make learning accessible to different types of learners.  Our staff works hard to avoid sensory overload.  Many unexpected things can be distracting to students with autism.  The use of visuals and schedules is key to success for our students.  Being predictable and keeping language concrete is vital to the success of our students.  Each class is directly taught social skills.
Providing an appropriate learning environment is central to a student's success as any teaching strategy or educational tool.  Students with autism will be the most prepared to learn in places where they can relax and feel secure.  Clairview Staff makes the classroom more comfortable by providing seating options (e.g. - beanbag chairs, rocking chairs); reducing direct light when possible (e.g. - using upward projecting light, providing a visor to a student who is especially sensitive, blue covers on ceiling lights); and minimizing distracting noises (e.g. - providing earplugs or headphones during certain activities).